At Broad Oak Sports College we lay great stress on the importance of our smart school uniform in creating an inspiring atmosphere of discipline, commitment and respect.

We require and insist upon high standards of appearance and students are expected to wear the correct uniform, worn smartly at all times - in school and out - when representing our school domestically and overseas.

Our uniform is designed to be available at little expense to our parents – and parents are free to purchase the blazer, trousers and shirts from all available sources at lowest cost. We only supply official school badge and ties – and we provide these at cost only. Currently (Autumn 2016) school ties and badges are each priced at £6.00.

Our school uniform

An accessible uniform which combines traditional values with a modern approach



Black blazer with Broad Oak badge (Badge from school only - £6)

White shirt

Black school trousers

School tie (from school only -£6)

Black socks

Black shoes



Black blazer with Broad Oak badge (Badge from school only - £6)

White shirt

School tie (from school only - £6)

Black socks

Black shoes


Choice of:

Black shalwar

Black school trousers

A school black skirt – with pleats and badge. NO other skirt is permitted.

Burgandy jumper with the school badge. NO other jumper is permitted.


Girls may wear scarves (black) for religious reasons


Please note:

  • Pupils are allowed to wear cords, combat trousers, jeans, denim clothing or skinny trousers.

  • Girls can choose to wear either black school trousers or the school’s black skirt.

  • Jewellery is limited to plain stud or sleeper per ear/nose or plain ring. No other piercings are acceptable.

  • Extreme hairstyles or colour are not acceptable.

  • All property must be clearly marked.

  • All jewellery must be removed for P.E.

  • Make-up should be minimal.If excessive pupils will be asked to wash it off.


Any parent who is in doubt about whether something is appropriate for school, for example a hairstyle, fashion item or jewellery/piercing, should contact school on 0161 797 6543 so we can discuss the matter.

Our PE kit

Our official sports kit is of the highest quality both in performance and appearance – it is bespoke designed – and sourced directly from one of the best professional sports kit suppliers in the country at a cost which saves our parents considerable expense and time in ordering.


BOSC T- Shirt


Football socks

Training shoes (non marking)

Football boots


Kit Bag to put dirty/wet clothes in after PE



BOSC Track pants

BOSC Hooded Sweatshirt

You will have the opportunity to see our sports kit at the school intake evening, and you can order it directly here:

Sports Equipment


Training shoes (with unmarking soles), football / rugby boots, kit bag and towel.

General Equipment

All students must have a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, pencil case and a good size bag. Each article should be clearly marked with the student’s name. School accepts that students may wish to bring their own mobile devices into school to be used strictly (and securely) in accordance within school rules – we accept this and believe such devices can enhance the student learning experience. However, we cannot accept responsibility for the loss of equipment or valuables.

Contact Us

Tel: 0161 797 6543

Email: broadoak@bury.gov.uk


Broad Oak Sports College

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