New Kudos

New Kudos aims to encourage, excite and inspire young people to start exploring their future options.

It is extremely important for young people to make informed and inspired decisions about their future. New Kudos aims to ensure that future opportunities are not missed by providing impartial and independent career and education information, delivered to students in a variety of ways to reflect the differing ways they think about their future.

Exploration paths

New Kudos takes into account that not every young person explores their possible career directions from the same starting point. Some haven’t started thinking about careers yet and would benefit from some suggestions, some have a rough idea of the area that they are interested in and need help refining that idea. Some want to find out where their favourite subjects could take them. Some know exactly what they want to do in later life.

‘I don’t know what career I want to do’ – classic CASCAiD matching process

For those young people who need some ideas to explore, we’ve retained the likes and dislikes questions – but we’ve improved the Qualification screen. We’ve made it obvious that Kudos needs the young person to tell it about the highest qualification they’re planning on achieving.

‘I kind of know what career I want to do’ – career groups

For those young people who have a rough idea of what they want to do or are not ready to dive into the full list of careers we have introduced over 100 career groups which include some general information, photographs and a link to the related careers.

‘I like these subjects’ – subject matching

For those young people who like (or even love!) certain subjects we’ve introduced a feature that matches their favourite subjects to careers. This means that it’s also a great tool for subject choice activities

‘I know what career I want to do’ – all careers

For those young people who know what they want to do they can now go straight to that career and quickly assess their suitability by answering the only likes and dislikes that are relevant to that career

Take a look at New Kudos

The short video introduces the main functions of New Kudos. Click here - click video link in bottom left hand corner!

Mini User Guide – download this guide to help your familiarise yourself with the new features of New Kudos

Create a New Kudos Account

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Other great tools on New Kudos

CV Builder

New Kudos have included a structured CV builder to allow young people to easily construct their first CV. Creating a quality CV is a vital skill needed for young people to assist with their future employment search.


Labour market information

New Kudos have also included future employment projections in each relevant career. These are shown as easy to understand graphics so that your young people can see at a glance what the job prospects are.

Labour market information can help to show students which work areas and specific jobs may have strong job opportunities in the future. This information can help them make realistic and informed decisions about their future and it can also prompt questions and discussion about their future options with teachers


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