Hair - Key Stage 4

Course Details:

The Level 2 Diploma In Women's Hairdressing includes: Working in the hair industry, follow health and safety in the salon, client consultation, shampoo and condition the hair, promote products and services to clients, the art of dressing hair, create an image based on a theme, display stock to promote sales and salon reception.

An element of home study will be expected to be able to complete written assignments needed to support understanding of theory and technical skills which will then be put into practice carrying out practical tasks.



The course will be assessed through the use of written tasks and essential written tests, practical tasks and oral questioning.  The students will be required to build a portfolio consisting of written/ICT tasks and evidence of practical skills and assessment over the duration of the course.

The learning and assessment setting incorporates a realistic salon environment. These facilities provide candidates with experience of working in and under realistic commercial conditions during assessment.

A minimum of 41 credits is needed to achieve the level 2 Diploma In Hair Services. The qualification is made up of mandatory units (these are units which must be completed) and optional units (these are units which can be selected from).

All mandatory units must be completed which is 35 credits and a minimum of 6 credits from the optional units.


Mandatory Units include

  • 201- Working in the hair industry                                                4 credits

  • 202- Follow Health & Safety in the salon                                    3 credits

  • 203- Client Consultation for hair services                                   3 credits

  • 204- Shampoo and condition the hair and scalp                       3 credits

  • 205- Promote products and services to clients in a salon        3 credits

  • 209- The Art of Dressing hair                                                         5 credits

  • 212- Create an Image Based on a theme                                    7 credits

Optional Units - A minimum of 6 credits are required from the optional units

  • 213- Display stock to promote sales in a salon                           3 Credits

  • 215- Scalp massage                                                                          4 credits

  • 216- Salon reception duties                                                            3 credits

  • 217- Style and finish African type hair                                          5 credits

  • 104- Styling men’s hair (level 1 unit)                                             3 credits

  • 105- Plaiting and Twisting hair (level 1 unit)                                3 credits


Skill Development:

Pupils will:

  • Develop a wide range of practical skills.

  • Client consultation/Inter personal skills.

  • Shampoo and condition the hair.

  • Salon reception duties.

  • Basic styling and drying hair.

  • Develop creative skills.

  • Independence and teamwork throughout written and practical tasks.

  • Working in a realistic salon environment and towards commercial timings.

  • Support health and safety in the salon.

  • Present themselves in a smart professional manner.

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