Gateway Science B - Key Stage 4

Course Details:

GCSE Science identifies the activities and experiences that students will come across in everyday life, and links these to scientific ideas and their implications for society.

It also provides the opportunity to acquire the scientific skills, knowledge and understanding necessary for life.



Controlled Test Requirement:

Unit B713 (6 hours). 

This unit is not tiered and carries 48 marks for 25% of the total GCSE.  It comprises one assessment task split into three parts:

  1. Research and data collection (2 hours)

  2. Planning and carrying out an investigation (2 hours)

  3. Analysis and evaluation (2 hours)


Examination Requirement:

Unit B711 covers modules B1, C1 and P1 and is a written 1 hour 15 minute examination and carries 75 marks for 35% of the total GCSE.

Unit B712 covers modules B2, C2 and P2 and is a written 1 hour 30 minute examination and carries 85 marks for 40% of the total GCSE.

Skill Development:

Students will:

  • recall, select and communicate their knowledge and understanding of science.

  • apply skills, knowledge and understanding of science in practical and other contexts.

  • analyse and evaluate evidence, make reasoned judgements and draw conclusions based on evidence.

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