Food Technology - Key Stage 4

Course Details:

Food Technology is a practical subject area which helps develop the students’ knowledge and understanding when developing product ideas, planning, producing products and evaluating them.  The course will enable students to understand the physical, chemical, nutritional, biological and sensory properties of foods.

Students must have a commitment to participating in all practical activities and be able to organise bringing in their ingredients to every practical lesson.



Controlled Assessment Requirement

60% of the total marks (90 marks)

A single design and make activity which is selected from a range of tasks provided by the examination board, consisting of the development of a made outcome and a concise folder with evidence of ICT. As part of the folder submitted, students should include photographs of the finished products as well as photographs at various stages of the process.


Examination Requirement

40% of the total marks (120 marks) 2 hours
One paper with two sections:

Section A
30 marks
A design question based on context supplied before the exam

Section B
90 marks
Covers all aspects of the specification content
All questions are compulsory


This is a 2 hour written exam.  All students complete the same examination paper.

There are three main areas to this GCSE which will be assessed both in the coursework and the exam.

  • Materials and components

  • Food product design, development and market influences

  • Food process and manufacture

Students can achieve a GCSE grade ranging from A* to G.


Skill Development:

Students will:

  • develop a wide variety of practical based skills.

  • analyse design briefs and commercial products to produce practical outcomes to satisfy the needs of  a target market of consumers.

  • engage in the processes of design and technology to develop as effective and independent learners.

  • assess how moral, social, ethical and environmental issues relate to their target market and food choices.

  • evaluate manufacturing techniques in industry and their practical work.

  • explore ways in which aesthetic, technical, economic, environmental, ethical and social factors interact to design and make products.

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