Regular excellent attendance and punctuality is a cornerstone of our key mission statement - ‘Every Opportunity to Achieve’.

Excellent attendance is a proven substantial and fundamental factor in every student’s chances of achieving success in school. Regular and punctual attendance not only ensures the continuity of and access to substantive teaching and learning but minimises disruption to individual lessons and collective programmes of study. Attendance and punctuality is therefore an issue that indirectly affects us all in our everyday school lives.

As a school we are committed to sustained, improved year-on-year attendance and we believe students and parents can make a significant contribution to this objective in close and mutually supportive partnership with school.

Our home-school agreement is a key document. It is our ‘contract’ explicitly outlining both yours and your child’s commitment in this regard. Our parents and guardians are key facilitators in ensuring children attend at all times when fit to do so, it sets minimum targets for attendance and punctuality, and commits us to rewarding and encouraging strong attendance and punctuality from our students. Your important role in this regard cannot be overstated.


Electronic registration enables our staff at all levels to contribute to a culture that is responsive to and rewards positive attendance. More importantly, accurate registration information provides an early warning system for use in intervention and support for those pupils and families for whom poor attendance is an emerging or ongoing problem.

We have a legal responsibility to complete formal registrations for the morning and afternoon session of school in order to meet statutory responsibilities to parents and other agencies in providing accurate punctuality information about individual pupils and school cohorts.

We ask you to contact our Attendance Officer (0161 797 6543 press ext 203) directly to explain a student absence on day 1 of the absence. We kindly request you do this as early as possible before the start of the school day. There is a message answering service in place to enable you to do so. Parent or guardians can also text the Attendance Officer to authorise absences.

Where possible the parent or guardian of pupils with a first day of absence will be contacted by the Attendance Officer on that day.

Parents are expected to provide a note authorising all absences once the absence has concluded. The note should signed by the parent or guardian and brought to school and produced to the student’s form-tutor or Attendance Officer.

If a note or phone call is not received after 3 school days the Attendance Officer will be informed by the Form Tutor. The Attendance Officer will then phone home or write home. If this does not yield a response the pupil will be referred to the Home School Liaison Officer (HSLO).

A weekly meeting takes place involving The Attendance Officer, HSLO and the Assistant Headteacher responsible for student welfare. At these meetings the Attendance Officer provides the previous week’s attendance percentage for each form. Pupils with particular attendance issues will be discussed and a course of action will be decided upon. This will generally involve parents being contacted and invited in to attend the meeting.

At the end of each half term the Attendance Officer sends a letter home for parents of any pupil whose attendance has been below 85% inviting them into school for a meeting with a Pastoral Manager.

Monitoring and Rewards

At the end of every half term, attendance data is submitted to the LA School Attendance Team for monitoring and comparison with other high schools.

Each week attendance performance results (by form) are reported to full year-group assemblies to encourage and reward competition between form-groups.

Pupils with 100% attendance in the week are also awarded merits, which enable them to purchase free items from the school shop.

Each term certificates are presented at year assemblies for pupils with:-

  • 100% attendance for half term.

  • 95% or over attendance for half term.

  • Personal improvement in attendance over previous half term.

The presentation of achievement certificates also provides eligibility for free or subsidised reward trips, photographs or equipment.

Whole school attendance targets are set annually for the academic year and monitored each half-term by the Assistant Headteacher (Safeguarding).

Attendance and punctuality performance are an intrinsic and important measure of our whole-school improvement strategy and are a key basis by which our performance as parents, students and a school are measured. We have a collective responsibility to ensure students have ‘every opportunity to achieve’.

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