Art - Key Stage 3

Year 7 Topic

Term 1

Basic Skills

Students start with drawing skills learning how to use shade and tone. They also learn about colour mixing theory and the colour wheel.

Term 2

The Ancient World

Students look at historical art from around the world. The countries vary from year to year, from ancient Greece to the Aboriginals of Australia.

Term 3


Students are taught the proportions of the face and then further develop ideas using inspiration from a variety of artists.

Year 8 Topic

Term 1

Non-Western Art

Students research art from non western sources, e.g Japan, Oceania, China etc. Again this varies from year to year, and the outcome also varies, 2D or 3D. At this point craft and collage skills are usually employed.

Term 2


Students study natural forms and produce a batik (picture created with wax) based on their research.

Term 3

Figure and Form

Students are introduced to artists inspired by figures. They are briefly taught the very basics of figure proportions and develop their own outcome using the influence of the artist. 

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